Divorce can be complicated, especially if there are children involved. If you are going through a divorce with custody issues, contact your local Crystal Lake divorce attorney to help you through this difficult process. In divorce cases, the parents and their Crystal Lake divorce attorney can try to come to an agreement of custody. Often times, going through a divorce is an emotionally-charged process that leaves the parents not able to reach an agreement. If that happens, then it is up to the presiding judge to decide how to split custody of minor children between the separating parents. While laws can vary from state-to-state, there is one common factor that the judges are looking for: what is the best interest for the child in question. Some of the best interest factors that judges will be most likely to consider are:

  • The emotional bond that the child shares with each parent. The judge will look at the love, attention, affection, and emotional ties that each parent shares with the minor child.
  • The stability of the child’s home life. The judge will want to see which parent will be able to provide a more stable environment for the child.
  • The preference of the child. If the minor child is old enough to decide which parent they prefer, the judge will take their preference into consideration. There is no set age for a child that can testify during a divorce proceeding.
  • Past cases of domestic violence. The judge will want to see if there has been a documented history of domestic violence between the parents. The court will take these instances into consideration.

No two divorce cases are the same, so the judge may allow the parents to present evidence for custody. Your divorce attorney can direct you on what evidence will be allowed to be presented in court.

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